Neither Here Nor here: Top Crowdfunding Picks

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“America is a melting pot” you often hear people say. Different cultures, religions, and ethnicities all living side by side to make up the diversity we see in our everyday lives. There is no one way to be “American.” Taking on this label could mean you’re an immigrant, or it could mean your family has lived here for generations. And while this identity encompasses many different perspectives, sometimes defining and taking ownership of that identity can be tricky. Beyond societal pressures to fit in with the majority and cultural standards for how to dress, eat, and behave, there are also institutional gatekeepers that police who can enter the country, and even who can call themselves a citizen. Despite the welcoming nature of our melting pot ethos, finding our place in this world can be a difficult task. Continue reading

Proud of your Asian Heritage? So Are We!

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 10.31.02 PMIt’s been inspiring to read the out pour of support for Asian representation in Western pop culture since the Crazy Rich Asians movie’s blockbuster success this August. Dubbed as #AsianAugust, the summer of 2018 has seen more Asian actors celebrated in Western media than ever before. From the big screen to small screen, from movies such as ‘Searching’ starring John Cho; to Netflix’s ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ starring Asian teenager Lana Condor; to Canada’s ‘Kim’s convenient store’; Asian actors dominated conversations regarding diversity and representation in the West. Continue reading