About PROUD Creator Jackie Dallas

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Jackie Dallas, was born in Syracuse, NY, to South Korean parents. As a child she was always socially outgoing and curious. In school, Jackie excelled academically with a talent and passion for theater. She was in multiple high school and local community theater productions and competed at several regional events, receiving high praise.

She attended the University of Florida on a full scholarship and ultimately graduated with a Bachelors in Microbiology and Cell Science while bar-tending part time at local pool halls and restaurants. She attended medical school directly after and upon completion of her education, she spent a brief time working as a General Surgery Resident Physician in New York City and then as a Pathology Resident Physician in Chicago.

Despite her academic achievements, however, Jackie never let go of her passion and dream to continue acting. She was asked to do some promotional videos and landed a couple of modeling jobs, before deciding to resume auditioning for film and TV roles.

Today, Jackie is a SAG-AFTRA actress, best known for her role as Jen, Mr. Clarke’s girlfriend, in Netflix’s breakout hit series Stranger Things. Her other television credits includes appearances on other popular shows such as Criminal Minds, The Resident, NCIS: New Orleans and The Bold and the Beautiful.

She has also started to direct and produce her own projects which include a psychological thriller Look Into The Fire; a hacker drama Watching You Die; and the PROUD short film – Jackie’s very own story about growing up Asian American in a small town.

Jackie has lived and worked in films across the U.S., in cities including New York, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Orleans.  She pursues acting full time and can be reached directly for bookings and inquiries here.